This location of Roasters in Anseong South Korea is where the magic happens. It is the flagship store of two locations in Pyeongtaek and features a full bakery and roastery. Read about the Anjeong location here.

Roasters Anseong South Korea building
Roasters | Anseong, South Korea


1113 Manse-ro, Pyeongtaek, South Korea

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Almond latte, hand drip coffee

You Should Know

This building contains a cafe and bakery. The roastery equipment is in a separate building outside.

About Roasters Anseong

Yes, I’ve tried Roasters coffee before at their Anjeong, Pyeongtaek location. But everyone knows that the environment is part of the coffee experience so this was basically a brand new place to me!

The Roasters Anseong location is the OG. It has been open since 2016 as a cafe and coffee roaster. Thanks to their success, Roasters was able to expand and open the Anjeong location near Camp Humphreys.

This location sits opposite the Chilgok Reservior (just down the street from Soho Gallery Cafe) so you get a beautiful view of the water from the rooftop patio.


The first thing I noticed was how big this place was! It stands two stories tall with a rooftop patio on top.

When you enter, the path to the register is lined with pastries. Personally, I think every entryway should be lined with pastries. You’ll pass the bakery in the far corner as you head to order.

Roasters Anseong entryway and register
Roasters Anseong Entryway

Take a second to notice that ceiling. How cool is that!?

The register and bar counter is basically a little peninsula. Menu boards hang overhead on both sides and it has a unique wood sculpture hanging over head. The Anjeong location has a similar feature.

Roasters Anseong bar and register
“Rear” view of the register and menu

On the right side of the cafe is seating. Some tables are along the window walls while another area is elevated on a stage type platform.

I loved the decor here. Everything is dark and industrial but cozy. One of the coolest features were these water brewers. Turns out, they are actually cold brew drip brewers!

The rest of the shelving was filled with coffee accessories, brewers, equipment. You can tell they really appreciate the craft of coffee.

The stairs to the second floor are at the back of the cafe. The second floor runs the perimeter of the building and looks down onto the register and bar.

Roasters Anseong view from the second floor
View from the second floor

The weather was too cold and rainy to explore the outdoor patio so we’ll save that for our next trip!

The menu is the same at all Roasters locations. They serve their own specialty blends of coffee and tea, along with espresso drinks and smoothies.

I switched it up this time and just got a hazlenut latte with soy milk. My husband tried the Ethiopia blend – black as always.

All coffee is drip brewed by hand so it’s always fresh and smooth. I loved the hazlenut latte. On another trip, I got the iced almond latte with soy milk and also highly recommend that.

Iced almond latte with soy milk from Roasters Pyeongtaek
Iced almond latte with soy milk


The highlight of this trip in my mind was the giant sticky bun. I’m still drooling over it.

Roasters Anseong sticky bun

It was perfectly flaky and sweet but not over powering. It was hard deciding which pastry to get because they have so many laid out to choose from and they all look amazing.

Pastry bar leading up to the register

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what half of them were since the signs were all in Korean. But can you really go wrong with pastries? No, no you can’t.

Obviously, I’m a big fan of both Roasters locations. If you’re visiting for the first time, I’d choose this one to get the whole experience. Enjoy!

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