This Jeju coffee shop is a bit off the beaten path but all the better because of it. The Instagram worthy drinks are outshone only by the beautiful interior and views of Mt. Hallasan.

Blossom Jeju Coffee Seogwipo Jeju Island, South Korea
Blossom Jeju Coffee | Seogwipo, Jeju Island


744-9, Seohong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do

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Jeju Volcano Frappuccino

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On a clear day, you’ll get an amazing view of Mt. Hallasan from the rooftop.

About Blossom Jeju Coffee

Blossom Jeju Coffee was a pleasant unexpected find on our recent trip to Jeju Island. It sits on a hillside just outside the main hub of Seogwipo. It’s about a 10 minute walk from the Hwanguji natural pools, so pop in before or after your swim to refresh.

The cafe has been part of the Jeju community for years. They host live music performances, fundraising events for local causes, comedy shows, and even tv interviews. The owner also runs Blossom cosmetics, a skincare/cosmetics line made with natural Jeju ingredients.

You can purchase the cosmetics in the cafe along with mugs and tumblers.


Blossom is set back a bit from the road so the first think you’ll notice is the big wall outside displaying the sign.

Blossom Jeju coffee exterior
Blossom Jeju Coffee outdoor exterior

Follow the wall up the stairs and you’ll see another stairwell to the right. This leads up to the rooftop and is also a perfect spot for some pics.

Blossom stairway to upper levels
Blossom stairs to the upper levels

The main doors are to your left, as is the spacious outdoor seating area. They have covered patios, chairs with umbrellas, and a big lawn if you really want to soak up the sun. Everything is bright, colorful, and so pretty!

Blossom entrance and outdoor seating
Blossom entrance and outdoor seating

Enter through the bold pink doors and you’ll walk through the entrance hallway lined with plants. The left side of the hallways opens to the outdoor seating while the right opens to long tables with big comfy green couches.

Blossom entrance hallway

The register and bar are at the end of the hallway where the magic happens.

Blossom Jeju Coffee register and bar
Blossom Jeju Coffee register and bar

Here’s where it gets really good. To the left of the bar is this beautiful statement tree display. It has lights and pretty purple blossoms.

blossom tree display
Blossom tree display

Behind the tree, the cafe opens up into a tiered main floor. The oversized steps have cushions and tables on them for seating. This space acts as an auditorium almost when they have performances.

blossom first floor auditorium seating
Blossom auditorium seating

The bottom of the stairs stretches out to include more tables and chairs. The floor ends into a big window with beautiful views of the outdoor area and scenery beyond.

Blossom first floor seating

We didn’t make it up to the second floor or rooftop but check out their Instagram for a look at those and their amazing views.

The menu at Blossom Jeju Coffee had so much more than I was expecting! They serve the standard espresso based coffee drinks like lattes and americanos, of course. I got a caramel macchiato which was delish (no non-dairy milk, sadly).

caramel macchiato in front of stairs and Blossom logo
Blossom Caramel Macchiato

For something a little more adventurous, I highly recommend one of their signature drinks. These are some of the prettiest drinks you’ll ever see! Exhibit A: the Hwangwooji Latte (rough translation, forgive me)

My husband went this route and got the Jeju Volcano Frappuccino. It was a really smooth chocolate flavor that reminded me of a java chip frappuccino from Starbucks, but with more of a cookies and cream taste. And how cute is that little cookie topping!?

The “plant” is a sprig of some fresh herb that I don’t know because I’m terrible at plants. If you can tell what it is, LMK!

They also serve local beer from the Jeju Beer Company and wine.


I was equally as impressed with the food at Blossom Jeju Coffee as well. Everything they make is stunning. They serve brunch, lunch food, and desserts.

Desserts include cakes, small cookies, and affogato.

Blossom rainbow cake

For a heartier meal, try eggs benedict or one of their big burgers.

Blossom burger

We stumbled upon this on our way back from the natural pools and my only complaint is that I wish we could have stayed longer. Blossom Jeju Coffee is a beautiful cafe with coffee and food that taste as good as they look. Add this into your Jeju itinerary for sure.

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