Starlight NARU Cafe is a bit of a hidden gem in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. It’s a small coffee shop but they have quite a menu full of lattes, bubble tea, and gelato parfaits made for Instagram.

Starlight NARU Cafe Pyeongtaek exterior building
Starlight NARU Cafe | Pyeongtaek, South Korea


176 Paengseongdaegyo-gil, Pyeongtaek, South Korea

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Tiramisu latte; gelato parfait

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If you tag them in a picture of your visit on Instagram, you get a free waffle!

About Starlight NARU Cafe

To be honest, I stumbled upon this cafe a bit by accident. We had planned to go to the coffee shop across the street, but every time we tried, it was closed.

On our last attempt, I noticed Starlight NARU Cafe and decided on that instead. From what I can tell, they just recently opened in the summer of 2020 and are doing great.

The local cafe is just a few blocks away from Camp Humphreys. They’ve created a wonderful place for Americans and Koreans alike to enjoy their coffee.


NARU occupies the first floor of a commercial building in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. It’s a small space but they’ve made it cozy. Its decorated with warm colors and lots of greenery.

greenery near a table and couches in starlight NARU cafe
Right front corner of Naru Cafe

The right side of the cafe is dedicated to table space, ending with a cozy corner in the back. There is no shortage of seating around each table, so this is a great place to bring a group.

Right wall, decorated with framed greenery, person sitting at table with coffee
Right back corner of Naru Cafe

I loved the framed greenery on the wall and the cool modern light fixtures. I did try to not be too much of a creeper taking pictures but it comes with the territory. Oops!

The register and bar are in the back of the shop. The main menu is overhead but they feature special seasonal drinks on signs along the bar.

Starlight NARU cafe pastry case attached to register and coffee bar. menu signs overhead
NARU Cafe register and bar

Finally, one of my favorite things here was this painted wall. I don’t know about you, but I, too, find comfort in my coffee cup.

black wall and door, painted to read "Premium. I heart coffee. There's comfort in my coffee cup." C O F F E E spelled out vertically next to it
NARU Cafe mural on side wall

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the menu at Starlight NARU Cafe. I was all ready to order the trendy dalgona latte which is made with whipped instant coffee.

BUT THEN. Then I saw that one of their specials was a tiramisu latte. I have been craving tiramisu for the past two weeks so how could I not get one?

tiramisu latte in to-go cup with pink sleeve
Tiramisu latte

This drink was amazing. It was perfectly chocolatey and espresso-y and creamy. Exactly what I wanted. I ordered it with soy milk and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I will caution that it is very rich. As much as I enjoyed it, I was only able to finish about half before it was too much for me.

My husband branched out a bit (for him) and got a caramel latte which was also very good.

caramel latte and a tiramisu latte overhead view
Caramel latte & Tiramisu latte

The dalgona latte will have to wait for next time. I have no doubts we’ll be back.


In a rare occurrence, the food may actually be the star of the show at NARU. I was not expecting it but they have croiffles for heavens sake!

A croiffle is a magical cross between a croissant and a waffle. They have flavors like apple pie and chocolate and there will never be a better mashup.

Aside from croiffles, they serve other pastries and treats as well. Try cake or cheesecake or mousse.

If you’re really looking for something fabulous, you have to try the gelato parfait. They are the most amazing looking sundae concoctions that are begging to be put on Instagram.

Gelato parfait

I mean look at that cup of delicious! I’m already planning my return trip to try one of these for myself.

I am so glad that we discovered this place and I definitely recommend a visit if you’re in Pyeongtaek.

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