Roasters is a coffee shop located right outside the gates of Camp Humphreys in Pyeongtaek, South Korea. They roast their own coffee blends and make it fresh when you order. So far, it’s one of the best coffees I’ve had in Korea.


  • Address: 154-5 Anjeong-ri, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Follow them: @roasters_with_jeong_jin_won
  • Try this: Roasters specialty coffee & tea
  • Description: Cozy coffee shop serving their own specialty coffee roasts and tea blends
  • You should know: They offer a changing seasonal menu, so come back at least a few times a year to take advantage of the rotating flavors
Roasters in Pyeongtaek exterior building from across the street
Roasters | Pyeongtaek, South Korea


Shout out to my husband for finding what might just be my new favorite place in South Korea.

This Roasters Pyeongtaek location is right outside the gates of Camp Humphreys in an area known to us Americans as “The Ville.” The Ville is a couple streets wide and is a kind of mini downtown. It’s filled with restaurants, boutiques, bars, and coffee shops!

The coffee shop is on the south east side of The Ville and it is one of three Roasters locations in Korea, I believe. The flagship store is just a bit farther east in Anseong.

This specialty cafe opened in mid 2016 and has been going strong ever since. They roast and serve multiple blends, along with tea, and espresso drinks. Their beans are also available to purchase at all their locations.


Even from the outside, Roasters just screams ‘cozy.’

When you walk in, the dark wood and exposed brick interior make you want to hang out for the afternoon with a latte (or two) and a book.

Roasters front counter looking at exposed brick wall with 'Roasters" stamped on it, string lights overhead
Roasters | Path to register

Add in the string lights, exposed beams, and comfy chairs, and I’m sold.

The cafe is visually separated by a wall lined with antique coffee memorabilia. There is seating on both sides of the wall. Smaller tables and the register are to the right, while larger seating options are to the left.

Looking at front bar. shelving with antique coffee memorabilia. wooden art display overhead
Antique coffee memorabilia on display near seating
Roasters interior separated into two sections. seating against a low concrete wall divider. wooden beams add support
A low concrete wall separates the cafe

To the right, you’ll see window seating and a wall featuring unique coffee equipment like hand mills and special carafes. The wall also serves as a nod to Roaster’s specialty tea.

Just outside this window is their covered patio with outdoor seating. I cannot wait for some warm weather to enjoy that.

Window seating against a concrete wall reading "special Tea"
Window seating near the ‘Special Tea’ wall

Yes, they did still have a Christmas tree up in January but it’s been cold and snowy in Korea so can you blame them? No judgement.

Just past this area is the register and bar.

Roasters front counter and menu boards hung against wood wall. pastry display case
Front Counter and menu boards

The left side of the cafe is all seating and goes farther back than I expected. There’s also a small “room” if you want a bit more privacy.

Roasters left side of the cafe exposed brick walls and booth seating
Left side of the cafe

Roasters is everything I want in a dark, cozy, coffee house vibe and I 100% plan on working out of here once COVID restrictions lift.

Obviously, the star of Roaster’s menu is their own specialty coffee blends. I counted eight different options to choose from when we went.

Go for the house medium roast for a safe bet. If you feel like something different, try a Brazil or Tanzanian blend. Any blend can be ordered hot or iced.

My husband ordered a hot Guatemala roast when we went. He was a big fan and he drinks his coffee black so you know it’s legit. Every coffee is freshly ground and brewed via pour-over just for you when you order.

green tea scone, cinnamon pumpkin latte and Guatemala roast overhead view
Roasters | Guatemala Roast, Cinnamon pumpkin latte, Green tea scone

I fully planned on ordering one of their roasts, but then I saw their winter menu.

Instead, I got a Cinnamon pumpkin latte. I didn’t see an option for non-dairy milk, but that’s not to say they don’t have one; I just didn’t ask.

cinnamon pumpkin latte overhead with cinnamon sticks, coffee beans, spoon, and pumpkin
Cinnamon pumpkin latte

It tasted exactly like you’d want a fall latte to taste. It didn’t have the spice of a pumpkin spice latte, just a nice subtle sweetness.

They offer the usual coffee house staples as well, and flavors like vanilla and caramel are available year-round.

If coffee’s not your thing, they also serve their own tea blends and bubble tea. I’m not usually a tea person but they all sound delicious. There’s also smoothies, frappuccinos, lemonade, and adult beverages in the evening.


Roasters has a food menu with something for everyone and every occasion.

For our visit, we got a green tea scone. I couldn’t resist trying the green pastry.

green tea scone in front of two coffee cups
Green tea scone

You definitely taste the matcha flavor of this scone but I really liked it. It was more sweet than savory, but still a good complement to my sweeter latte.

Green tea scone halves
Green tea scone

We will definitely be back to try their dessert offerings. Their menu includes cheesecake, tiramisu, and a honey bread that comes highly recommended.

If you’re looking for a cozy cafe in which to pass an afternoon in Pyeongtaek, Roasters is your place.

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