On the Chilgok Reservoir, Soho Gallery Cafe serves its coffee with a view. The two outdoor patios come alive in the summer. Inside, they feature artwork from local artists and a menu full of specialty coffee and eats.

Soho Gallery Cafe Anseong, South Korea exterior sign
Soho Gallery Cafe | Anseong, South Korea


395-4 Chilgok-ro, Anseong, South Korea

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Soho Gallery Cafe is a popular date spot for couples looking for love and culture

About Soho Gallery Cafe

Chilgok Reservoir in Anseong, South Korea is lined with coffee shops, but Soho Gallery Cafe was the first. They opened nine years ago and have been trailblazing ever since.

They feature a constantly changing selection of local artwork. The owner hopes to create a place where family of all ages can experience art and culture together.

It’s also quite a popular place for dates. Dinner with a waterfront view make for quite a romantic evening. Even during the day, the outdoor patios and artistic interior give a fancier vibe that would impress a date.


When you first enter Soho, you’ll actually be on the second level. The register, coffee bar, and kitchen are down the stairs on the first level.

Soho Gallery Cafe entrance, stairs to lower level
Entryway and stairs to lower level

Most of the walls are either exposed brick or floor-to-ceiling windows (is there a better combination?) All the natural light makes it nice and bright, even with the brick and wood accents.

The first floor has some smaller tables with couches for seating and a longer community table for groups.

Soho Gallery Cafe lower level
Soho lower level

Every little detail adds to the artistic vibes, from the ceiling detail to this patchwork couch. You’ll notice that the walls are all lined with artwork. Each from a local artist.

Soho Gallery Cafe lower level
Soho lower level

The window wall looks out onto one of the two outdoor terraces. There is bar height seating around the edge to look out over the water. This patio is covered in the summer when it gets more use.

How cute is this outdoor “photo booth” they have set up!? If it wasn’t cold and rainy, I absolutely would have been out there. I’m sure my husband thanked the weather gods that I wasn’t.

Upper Level

We originally sat on the first floor but the barista was nice enough to suggest that we move to the second level for a better view. He was right.

Chilgok Reservoir

The second floor was a bit smaller but we were able to see across the whole lake. One side had larger tables while the other was a more intimate corner nook.

Just off the upper floor was the second outdoor patio. It’s also accessible from the street.

Soho Cafe upper outdoor patio
Soho upper outdoor patio

Of course, it came complete with it’s own photo backdrop.

Soho Cafe decorative patio archway
Outdoor patio archway decor

Soho’s menu is pretty simple when it comes to coffee. They don’t do fancy flavors, but they do the simple things very well.

Instead of one big menu board hanging up at the counter, they have individual menus at each table. Thank goodness because the menu is entirely in Korean.

We used our translator app and managed alright. The staff was very patient with us. Make sure you have a translator app or practice these common Korean coffeehouse phrases.

Soho leather bound menu on table
Soho menu

I ordered a cappuccino (no non-dairy milk) and it was perfect. The spice on top is a cinnamon blend that smells like it has a citrus note. It smelled AMAZING.

Cappuccino from Soho Gallery Cafe
Cappuccino on Chilgok Reservoir

My husband tried one of their signature drinks, the Dutch Americano. Neither of us really knew what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Dutch Americano from Soho Gallery Cafe

It only comes iced. The espresso is served in a tiny round bottle along with a glass of ice water. You get to pour and mix the americano yourself!

It tastes super fresh and smooth. 10/10 recommendation from my husband. They also serve tea, smoothies, and their own blends of specialty coffee.


Unlike other cafes, the food menu is extensive at Soho. They offer a full dinner menu along with breakfast and dessert options.

Just look at that pasta! Not to mention, they serve tacos, croiffles, breakfast sandwiches and more. We didn’t get any food this time but it would be a perfect spot for any meal of the day.

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