These three cafes near Camp Humphreys are community favorites. You’ll find a taste of home with South Korean flair.

If you’re a newcomer to Camp Humphreys in Korea, first of all, welcome! Hopefully your journey was a smooth one and you’re excited to explore your new home.

One of the things I was most excited about when coming to Korea was getting to experience another country. I had visions of Seoul and Korean food and hundreds of cafe’s that I could spend my days in.

Obviously, Pyeongtaek is a little different from Seoul, but I’ve still found quite a few cute cafes near Camp Humphreys to love.

For me, coffee shops are my comfort zone; they feel like home. Sure, it’s a little different when the menu is in a different language. But there are more similarities than differences and finding a good cafe helped make the move to a different country a little easier.

If you’re ready to dip your toes into the Korean coffee scene, try these three cafes near Camp Humphreys first.

1. Attractive Coffee

Attractive Coffee is in Anjeong, right next to the popular apartment complex, Brownstone. If you’re nervous about trying new things, consider this your gateway.

cafe near Camp Humphreys Korea | Attractive Coffee
Attractive Coffee | Anjeong, Pyeongtaek

This cafe serves Western-style food and flavors, with a few unique Korean flavors mixed in. You’ll find a typical American breakfast of eggs and pancakes along with pumpkin spice and peppermint mochas.

The owner is very friendly and the menu is in English. They’re also very kid-friendly!

Bean There Recommendation

cafes near Camp Humphreys Attractive Coffee

Mint Choco Latte

with espresso

cafes near Camp Humpreys Attractive Coffee

Pumpkin Spice Latte


2. Roasters in Anjeong

Roasters has two locations in Pyeongtaek. The Anjeong cafe is the closest to Camp Humphreys.

Cafe outside Camp Humphreys | Roasters
Roasters | Anjeong, Pyeongtaek

Like the name suggests, Roasters is a local coffee roaster. They roast their own blends on-site at the Anseong location and serve them at both coffee shops.

Each coffee is drip brewed by hand when you order, so it’s always fresh. They have flavor options like white mocha and hazelnut along with a delicious seasonal menu.

Bean There Recommendation

Guatemala Roast

Roasters blend

Cinnamon Pumpkin Latte


3. Dewdrop Specialty Coffee

Dewdrop is one of the cutest cafes near Camp Humphreys that I’ve found so far. It’s just around the corner from Attractive Coffee and recently opened a location in Seoul.

cafe near Camp Humphreys | Dewdrop Specialty Coffee
Dewdrop Specialty Coffee | Pyeongtaek

Dewdrop is a family business and roasts their own coffee to serve. They brew using a siphon method which is really neat to watch and makes a great cup of coffee.

Sip your drink from their rooftop patio in the summer or lounge in the alcove under the stairs in the winter.

Bean There Recommendation

Siphon Coffee

House blend

Sweet Potato Latte

with espresso

There’s so many cafes to visit in this area and across the country. Start with these and go crazy. Tell me your favorite and tag @bean.there.travels as you explore!

3 cafes near Camp Humphreys

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