Roast & Toast Coffee in Petoskey, MI has been a local favorite for almost 30 years. They roast their own beans fresh in-house and serve a mouth watering brunch menu.

Roast & Toast storefront - a strip of mugs embedded in cement outline the front patio and take out window.
Roast & Toast | Petoskey, MI


309 E. Lake St. Petoskey, MI 49770

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Dirty Irishman or Brad’s Addiction

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They don’t serve any coffee that was roasted more than two weeks ago for ultimate freshness.

About Roast & Toast

Roast & Toast has been a Petoskey institution since 1993. Owner Bob Keedy trained as a roaster in New York before opening the cafe with his wife Mary. Since then, they’ve been joined by countless other professional baristas, including two SCA-trained roasters.

The business is community minded at its core. They source a majority of their products, even things like trash bags, from local Michigan suppliers. They donate regularly to local causes, both money and product. Roast & Toast even partners with other local businesses to create products; an espresso root beer created using their espresso, for example.

If that weren’t enough reason to love them, Roast & Toast also aims to minimize their carbon footprint. Since 2015, they’ve diverted over 77,000 lbs of food from landfills and recycle about 50,000 gallons annually.

The OG Roast & Toast in Petoskey is downtown, but they also have a location in the McLaren Medical Building across the river.


The cafe in downtown Petoskey stands out in the best kind of way. Partly because of the red brick walls. Partly because of the bright yellow front patio. Mainly because of the winding strip of coffee mugs and plates embedded in cement that frames the front.

There’s a small area for outdoor seating to the left and the walk up window is to the right. I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with walk up windows.

It may look small from the outside, but Roast & Toast has a lot of space inside. Seating is along the left side, while the right is merch, coffee beans, and the register and bar.

Along the left hand wall is a giant chalkboard with their food menu. You can see the colorful theme carries throughout with bold colored walls and bright signs.

Roast & Toast downtown Petoskey location chalkboard menu
Roast & Toast Menu

One of my favorite things was the detailed tin ceiling. Paired with the sheet metal over the register and bar, it gave it a really cool industrial feel.

Towards the back, there are booths divided by thin curtains to give some privacy and make it feel more intimate. Each table is named after a country from which they source their beans!

Roast & Toast  table signs - Honduras
Honduras Table

Speaking of beans, they have all of their blends for sale in bulk towards the front of the cafΓ©. Grab a bag of beans and a Roast & Toast mug or t shirt while you’re at it.

wall of coffee bean dispensers selling Roast & Toast coffee beans
Wall of Coffee Beans

The menu is nothing short of mouthwatering. There are so many options, I recommend going with a group so you can try a bunch of different things.

3 hot drinks in mugs from Roast & Toast
Brad’s Addiction, Dirty Irishman, Mocha

For espresso drinks, you can go with classics like an americano or straight espresso. You’re definitely going to want to try some of their flavored lattes, though. Try an ‘Italian stallion,’ a ‘turtle mocha,’ or a ‘construction zone’ latte. ‘Brad’s Addiction’ was one of the favorites in my group – coffee and hot chocolate.

iced chai held up in front of register and bar in Roast & Toast
Iced chai latte

Other non-espresso standouts include flavored hot chocolate and chai lattes. There’s a mix of chai and cold brew that I’m 100% getting when I go back.


As far as Petoskey brunch spots go, Roast & Toast is one of the best. They lean towards savory over sweet, but do have a bit of both. Most of the breakfast menu is egg sandwiches, avocado toast, or breakfast wraps.

breakfast wrap with eggs, bacon, and spinach, accompanied by grapes
Breakfast Pita

For a morning sweet tooth, they have French toast or a yogurt parfait, and of course a special menu for little ones. There’s also lunch items like sandwiches and salads if that’s more to your taste.

Breakfast wrap burrito with potatoes and grapes
Egg Wrap

I hit quite a few coffee shops in upper Michigan but Roast & Toast was one of my favorites. It felt like the kind of place that had the perfect balance between not taking themselves too seriously, but serving seriously good coffee. Check it out next time you’re up north!

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