Fluid Coffee in Valparaiso, IN had been at the top of my list for a while and it was well worth the wait. Their ‘region roasted’ beans are delish and their cafes are a whole vibe.

iced coffee held up in front of "Fluid Roasting Lab" sign
Fluid Coffee Roasters | Valparaiso, IN


159 W Lincolnway, Valparaiso, IN

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Cosmic Coconut; Fluid Latte

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Fluid has 4 locations across NW Indiana. Their roasting lab is based in Michigan City.

About Fluid Coffee Roasters

Fluid Coffee Roasters in Valparaiso opened in 2015 as a long-time dream come true for husband and wife pair Alison and Charles Scates. It started as a single location cafe specializing in espresso, pour-overs, and coffee cocktails. Since then, it has expanded to four locations across northwest Indiana, including Michigan City, and Crown Point.

Since 2019, they have roasted their own coffee at the Fluid Roasting Lab in Michigan City, IN. They focus on single origin beans and place a huge emphasis on sustainably produced, ethically sourced coffee.

Fluid as a whole celebrates community and art in each of their cafes. They frequently host open mic nights, artist gatherings, writing workshops, and more. Each month, new artwork from a local artist is displayed in their cafes for sale. Many products you’ll find there come from other local businesses. And the best part (in my opinion), they’re pet friendly!


The OG Fluid Coffee in Valparaiso has a great outdoor patio area right outside the front door. The edgy black exterior makes it stand out (in the best way) from the rest of the businesses nearby.

Fluid Coffee | Valpo, IN

Inside to the left is the shop area. This is where they sell super cool items from local vendors like coffee accessories, crystals, stickers, coffee table books, etc.

For sale from loval vendors

The register and bar are behind this area. There is some seating along the bar if you’re a fan of watching the baristas work their magic. Also, how cool is this ceiling?

Fluid coffee bar counter, coffeemaker, espresso machine
Fluid coffee bar

The right side of the cafe holds tables and seating against some cool exposed brick and artwork. I’m a sucker for exposed brick. In the back is another “room” of seating. It’s a bit cozier with comfy chairs and moody lighting.

Fluid coffee back seating area - black walls with dark gray chairs. artwork on walls
Back seating area

It’s separated from the main seating area by a wall with a cut-out window space. Above the “window” is this giant coffee bar sign that I would very much like in my kitchen.

Fluid Coffeebar sign above wall "window" cutout
Cutout “coffee bar” sign

Fluid’s menu can actually be found online, if you’re one of those that likes to research before going. They serve their own roasts, brewed via pour over, along with standard and specialty espresso drinks. Trust me, you want one of their specialties.

I chose the iced Cosmic Coconut made with oat milk. Since I was with family, I also got to try the iced Fluid Latte. Absolutely recommend both, but I preferred the coconut for a refreshing summer drink. The Fluid latte is perfect for a cozy fall drink, though.

two iced coffee drinks with Fluid Coffee sleeves in front of brick wall
Cosmic Coconut and Fluid Latte


Some cafes either do coffee well or do food well, but not both. Fluid does both. They serve brunch staples like avocado toast, breakfast sandwiches, oat bowls, and yogurt parfaits.

bagel breakfast sandwich with chips
Parma Police

I got the Parma Police – a version of avocado toast and it was fantastic. The bagel is steamed and soft and it hit the spot. The camera did not eat first, oops!

We also got the standard avocado toast which was equally delicious.

tomato and mashed avocado on an everything bagel
Avocado Toast

My only regret about Fluid is that I didn’t have a chance to visit their other locations. Otherwise, they are an awesome spot with awesome food and coffee. If you’re passing through small town Indiana, stop here.

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