The ultimate coffee gift guide for the coffee lover, explorer, or both in your life!

Is there any better gift than a good cup of coffee? Unfortunately, those are kind of hard to wrap and ship. Instead, gift one of these! This list is meant for not just the coffee enthusiast, but for the cafe hopper, the espresso explorer, the globetrotter fueled by caffeine and wanderlust.

Browse this travel & coffee gift guide for the perfect present for your favorite caffeine fiend, resident explorer, or the person who’s both!


What’s the worst thing about iced coffee? It gives you a brain freeze? It’s too expensive? It’s gone too fast? Close, but no. It’s obviously holding the cold cup. It sweats in the summer, freezes your fingers in the winter. It’s almost enough to make you break your cold brew addiction. Almost.

Enter, JavaSok. It’s basically a coozie for your coffee!

The insulated sleeve keeps your coffee cold and your hands warm and dry. They fit everything from a grande to a trenta and have a ton of fun designs to fit the recipients aesthetic.

They don’t drink iced coffee? Not to worry, they have Soks for hot drinks, cans, Nalgene bottles, and even ice cream.

Travel Mug

You can’t ever really have too many quality travel mugs. For a traveler, they’re a must have for coffee on the go. Get them one of these great options and they’ll think of you with every sip, no matter where in the world they are.

Zojirushi Vacuum Insulated Mug

Perfect for one-handed use and spill proof confidence

BrüMate Toddy

Perfect if you want a handle and more design options

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

Perfect to save space in a crowded suitcase

Phone Camera Lens Set

Do you know someone whose camera eats before they do? What better gift than a camera lens set for their phone!

These attach to the camera on your smart phone to take your pictures from good to great. Shift Cam has a great photography kit available with a couple different lenses that fit both iPhone and Androids. It’s a bit of a splurge but can you really put a price on the perfect pic of latte foam art?

To really spoil them, add in a handheld phone mount or a tripod. Say cheese!

Coffee Table Books

I do mean that literally. Check both the coffee and travel boxes with these fun books. Left Coast Roast is a love letter and guide to the coffee giants of the West Coast – perfect for someone living there or planning a trip to visit.

For a more global perspective, go for Amazing Coffee Travels. It includes stories from a coffee expert on how different cultures and countries enjoy the drink.

Left Coast Roast book included in coffee gift guide
Discovering Coffee, Amazing Coffee Travels by Serge Remy book included in coffee gift guide

Of course, both can be found on Amazon but try to support your local bookstore instead, if possible 🙂

Portable Espresso Maker

For the person who would choose coffee as their one item to bring to a desert island. Make sure they never go without, no matter where they are. This portable espresso maker makes a nice creamy shot with only a little pumping.

Check the Staresso website for fancier versions, including one that even comes with a milk frother.

Atlas Coffee Subscription

Gift them a trip around the world without ever leaving home with an Atlas Coffee Subscription. Each month, they’ll receive a bag of single origin beans from a different country straight to their door. The box includes details about the coffee climate in each location as well as brewing recommendations and detailed notes about the taste profile.

Atlas coffee club subscription box including bag, postcard from Columbia, and card detailing tasting notes, brew method, and roast level
Colombia Roast from my own subscription

You can gift a three, six, or twelve month subscription and the recipient will have the opportunity to put in a little information about their preferences to customize the box.

Collapsible Reusable Straws

It’s a gift for them, but it’s also a gift for the earth. Gift them a reusable straw so they can continue drinking iced coffee without guilt. Or hot coffee, if they’re one of those.

FinalStraw has great options, including collapsible ones! Choose a metal one that telescopes or a silicone one that folds to fit in the convenient carrying case. Both are easy to throw in a bag or clip on a keychain.

Coffee Passport

No serious coffee lover is complete without a coffee passport. This awesome journal from Letterfolk has space for up to 20 entries so they can keep track of all their favorite brews.

Coffee gift guide - yellow coffee passport journal

They can record things like the bean origin, where and with whom they drank it, brewing method, and if they’d drink it again. Call dibs on taking them out for their first entry.

I’m not saying it’s a competition, but I am saying this coffee gift guide can help you win the holidays. Which one are you most hoping for? Did I miss anything? Let me know!

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