This pink cafe in Korea is what coffee fairy tales are made of. From the gorgeous floral entryway to the walls of accordion sliding windows to the perfect latte art, the aesthetic is on point and so insta-worthy.

keurimdang pink cafe entrance
Keurimdang | Cheonan, South Korea

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Fruit ade or a classic mocha

You Should Know

Go on a nice day so you can experience it with the sliding windows open!

About the Pink Cafe

Pretty in pink is an understatement; this pink cafe in Korea is beautiful. Keurimdang (a Korean pronunciation of cream dang) is relatively new. It opened over the summer of 2020 and I believe it is part of a larger brand.

Across the street from this pink cafe, the Cream Dang brand has a croiffle restaurant in the Galleria department store food court. There is also another cafe location in Sejong, South Korea.

This location is set in a cute little shopping village in Cheonan. There were close to 10 other cafes around to visit if cafe hopping is your thing. There’s also boutiques and restaurants to spend an afternoon wandering around.


The pink cafe may look small from the outside but it is deceptively large. It sits on a corner underneath what I believe is residential apartments.

Creamdang pink cafe exterior
Keurimdang Exterior

Once you walk through the flower archway and phone booth-esq entry, it opens up into a large seating area. The register and bar is in the back left corner.

Keurimdang register and bar
Keurimdang Register and bar

Off to the left is a smaller, more private space. To the right of the register are open tables and comfy chairs.

Pink cafe in Korea
Keurimdang Cafe

I felt like a kid here because every five seconds I was telling my husband to look at this! or look at that! or oh that’s cool! But can you blame me!? There’s a very sophisticated princess fairy tale vibe going on here.

On the left side of the cafe, the wall is entirely accordion style sliding glass windows. On nice days, they open them up so the breeze and sunlight come in. 10/10 recommend.

Keurimdang interior
Keurimdang left side of the cafe

The menu is posted on that sign in front of the register. It is completely in Korean, but after a few seconds of staring blankly at it, the barista was nice enough to pull up an English version for us on a tablet.

It’s a small menu, but everything looks amazing. We stuck with simple espresso drinks for this trip – a hazelnut latte and a mocha.

mocha and hazelnut latte cream dang
Mocha (L) and Hazelnut Latte (R)

So far, every latte I’ve gotten in Korea has had latte art and this one was the best. The barista took her time to make it beautiful!

If you’re looking for a seriously Insta-worthy drink, try one of their fruit ades or smoothies. These just demand to be on your grid.


There’s food focus at this pink cafe is dessert. I didn’t notice many pastries or brunch options but there was no shortage of cake. So really what more do you need?

Korea is known for its aesthetic cafes and this one certainly delivers. For your pink fix, Keurimdang is a must-visit.

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