Dewdrop Specialty Coffee is located in the Paengseong area of Pyeongtaek, South Korea. It sits just off the main street, next to an apartment complex. The cafe is a favorite of the American families stationed at Camp Humphreys.


  • Address: 369-10 Anjeong-ri, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Follow them: @dewdrop_cafe on Instagram
  • Try this: Specialty single-origin siphon coffee
  • Description: 3-level specialty coffee shop with a rooftop patio
  • You should know: Dewdrop is a family business with the daughters serving as the cafe’s pastry chef and master coffee roaster

Dewdrop Specialty Coffee exterior building two story light gray with rooftop patio
Dewdrop Specialty Coffee | Pyeongtaek, South Korea


Dewdrop’s Pyeongtaek location opened in 2018 and serves everything you could want from a coffee shop. It is a family business in every way. The building was designed by mom, the architect. The eldest daughter studied at Le Cordon Bleu and is the cafe’s pastry chef. The youngest daughter is a master coffee roaster and roasts specialty blends in-house.

They also have a location in Seoul that just opened in early 2020! I have yet to visit that location but it’s on my list.


Our first time here was in early November. It was before Thanksgiving but Dewdrop was already rocking some winter wonderland decorations so I knew it was my kind of place πŸ™‚

When you walk in, pastries are displayed to the right as you walk to the register. Unlike American cafes, these are set out for you to pick up as you make your way to the register.

Dewdrop entryway and front counter with Christmas decor
Dewdrop Specialty Coffee | Front Bar

Near the back is a community table if you have a big group or need space to spread out. For a cozier, more intimate space, head to the alcove under the stairs.

Dewdrop first floor seating area - small white round tables with pink, blue, gray suede chairs
First floor seating
alcove underneath the stairs with wooden wicker furniture and greenery
Alcove under the stairs

The second story has a similar feel as the first, but includes couches for lounging. The walls of windows gives such a cool view of the surrounding area.

Dewdrop second floor seating with back to back couches, footstools, greenery, walls of windows
Dewdrop Specialty Coffee | Second story

Unfortunately, the rooftop patio is closed right now because of winter and COVID so I can’t share too much about that. Check back once the weather warms up because you know I’ll be back to sip some iced coffee on the patio in the summer.

The menu at Dewdrop is stocked with coffee house staples – cappuccinos, lattes, americanos. They offer some standard flavor options like vanilla or white mocha, and a couple different blends of coffee.

Their standout menu item is siphon coffee. Instead of a drip brewer, your choice of roast is brewed using a fancy looking siphon device and some physics. The brew method produces a flavorful, fresh cup of coffee. I highly recommend ordering one, if even just to watch how cool it looks.

My husband ordered a siphon coffee while I tried a plain latte. Both tasted great and my latte art was the heart-shaped cherry on top!

latte with heart latte art and a black coffee in turquoise mugs on a black tray
Dewdrop Specialty Coffee | Latte and siphon coffee

On another trip, I tried the sweet potato latte because how intriguing does that sound!? I ordered it with almond milk, which I was thrilled to discover they have.

True to its name, it does have the flavor of a sweet potato, but in a subtle way – think a less-sweet sweet potato casserole. Honestly, I didn’t love it but its definitely worth a try.

overhead view of sweet potato latte, seasame scone, small container of whipped cream and small butter knife
Sweet potato latte and black sesame scone


For food, the spread is equally impressive. They have the usual things you would expect, but since this is Korea, they also have unique flavors! There are fig scones and red bean & butter scones, lotus scones. Even ruby pound cake made with naturally pink chocolate (yes, that’s a thing!)

pastry bar trays filled with wrapped baked goods
Pastry Bar

Along with my sweet potato latte, I tried a black sesame scone. The order was to-go, obviously, and they included a cup of whipped cream to spread on the scone.

black sesame scone broken in half topped with whipped cream in front of paper bag stamped with Dewdrop's logo and to-go coffee cup, Christmas themed
Black sesame scone

It was SO good! I expected a savory flavor from the black sesame but it was subtly sweet. It reminded me of shortbread cookies with a hint more salt. The whipped cream complemented it really well.

If you’re hungrier for more than just scones and cake, Dewdrop also has brunch food. They have croissant sandwiches, eggs, toast, the works.

Between the delicious drinks and adorable decor, I could spend all day at Dewdrop getting hopped up on caffeine. Once COVID is over, I just might. If you’re in the Pyeongtaek area, (dew)drop on and check it out (see what I did there :D)

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