There is no shortage of cafes in Jeju Island, South Korea. Few, though, are as beautiful as Morebi Coffee Factory on Woljeong-ri Beach. The blue and white exterior reminds you of Santorini and the specialty roasted coffee makes the beach views even better.

Morebi Coffee Factory | Jeju Island, South Korea


462 Haemajihaean-ro, Jeju City, Jeju Island, Korea

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The team behind Morebi holds SCA diplomas from the Specialty Coffee Association.

About Cafe Morebi

Morebi Coffee Factory has been serving coffee on the sand since 2012. The owners became certified through the SCA Diploma System in 2018, but were passionate about coffee long before that. They’ve traveled not only through Korea, but even to Central America to follow their coffee from ground to cup.

The cafe frequently hosts cupping events to try specialty coffees from around the world. Most recently, they sampled a winner of the Gesha Village auction – an exclusive event that showcases some of the best coffee in Ethiopia. One step inside the cafe and you can tell the team is dedicated to the highest quality coffee.

They serve ready made drinks in the cafe, but you can also purchase their specialty beans or cold brew to go. Although, with their views, I’m not sure why you’d ever leave πŸ˜‰


The first thing you’ll notice is that this beachfront cafe in Jeju Island is huge. It’s comprised of two buildings that hold a cafe, bakery, and their roasting factory. The main building on the left is mainly inside, while the second building on the right is mainly outside.

Cafe Morebi Jeju Island
Right building of Cafe Morebi

The blue and white Mediterranean theme carries throughout and is just gorgeous. It made me want to put on some flared pants and run away to Greece to run a hotel.

Inside, the bar and register are in the back of the left building. First, of course, you pass a mouth-watering display of fresh pastries.

Pastry display, Cafe Morebi

The menu is displayed just before you get to the counter. It’s accented with lots of natural wood to compliment the bright white and blue.

register and bar at Morebi cafe in Jeju Island

The front of the left building is separated into two seating areas, one with a large table for groups and the other with window front bar seating and lounge chairs.

The large windows stay open most days so you can enjoy a nice salty breeze with your morning (or afternoon) coffee.

In between the two buildings, a brick stairway leads to the second floor balcony and rooftop seating.

Mediterranean brick stairwell Cafe Morebi

Right Building

Past the stairs, to the right, there’s open air seating with draping that feels like a tropical cabana.

Open air cabana seating Cafe Morebi in Jeju Island
Open air seating cabanas

Behind that seating was an open deck area that seemed to be under construction or getting some TLC. I didn’t notice many chairs or tables to sit at but I think it normally does. Either way, it reminded me of a cute Greek hotel.

patio seating Morebi Cafe
Porch seating at Cafe Morebi

The first floor of the right building has the same open air feel with large windows and a beautiful beach view.

First floor, Right building

Lounge chairs are extra comfy and the back features taller, larger tables. To get upstairs, the spiral staircase is in the middle of the back deck area. It leads to this beautiful painted wall.

Staircase to upper story

They’ve combined the Greek colors with some Egyptian themes.

Egyptian themed wall mural
Wall mural at Cafe Morebi

Around to the front is more lounge chairs with beachfront seating and more gorgeous views.

Outdoor balcony seating with beach view Morebi Cafe in Jeju Island

This whole cafe on Jeju Island is just dreamy. It’s enough to make you love it before you even try the coffee. Luckily, it tastes as good as it looks.


It’s hard to find a cafe in Jeju Island that has better coffee than Morebi (I know, I tried a lot.) Their dedication to specialty coffee absolutely pays off. They offer two specialty options for americanos and cold brew. Each one is their own unique blend and they all sound amazing.

Morebi Cafe menu
Cafe Morebi menu

I chose the Woljeongri Blues cold brew and my husband got the Americano Iris. If you know me, you know I don’t normally drink my coffee black. This cold brew was good enough to drink black. (I did add some sugar, sue me.)

Woljeongri Blues Cold Brew Morebi Coffee Jeju Island
Woljeongri Blues Cold Brew

For drip coffee, they have quite a few options of roasts. You can choose your brew method from pour over, french press, or siphon. There’s also espresso beverages, tea, and milk based lattes.


Don’t skip the food here at Morebi. The Coffee Factory includes a bakery so everything is fresh and delicious. They have sweet pastries like croissants and scones, along with savory ones like a ham and cheese pinwheel or red bean tart.

We chose the ham and cheese croissant, a cinnamon roll, and a cranberry scone. Absolute 10/10.

Coffee and pastries from Morebi cafe in Jeju Island
Coffee and pastries from Cafe Morebi

For your next beach day or afternoon at a cafe in Jeju Island, Morebi Coffee Factory should definitely be on your list.

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