Cafe Mell-Mell in Korea is a huge cafe on the Chilgok Reservoir. It has three main levels, including a rooftop patio with a beautiful view. The industrial, earthy decor is gorgeous and you’ll love all the photo spots for Instagram.

Cafe Mell Mell exterior


67-5 Chilgokhosu-gil, Anseong, Pyeongtaek, South Korea

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This cafe was a filming location for the Korean Netflix series Busted!

About Cafe Mell-Mell

I’ve had Mell-Mell on my list for a while now. We tried to go a few months ago but learned that they are closed on Mondays so I’ve been looking forward to going back and finally trying it! This cafe in Korea is located in the Anseong region of Pyeongtaek on the same Chilgok Reservoir as Roasters and Soho Gallery Cafe.

They officially opened their doors in June 2019 and have flourished ever since! Their most recent claim to fame is as a filming location for the Korean Netflix series Busted! The stars of the episode even autographed one of the tables!


One of the first things you’ll notice about Cafe Mell-Mell is how open it is to the outside. Pretty much the entire front of the building opens up for an indoor/outdoor experience. On a nice day, it’s AMAZING.

The next thing you’ll notice is how big it is. There are three main floors with multiple levels in between.

First Floor

The entrance is to the left and as soon as you walk in, you’ll start to get a feel for the place. It’s got great industrial decor like this old typewriter, and exposed pipes throughout.

cafe in Korea: Mell-Mell
Mell-Mell Entryway

The register an bar are to your left when you walk in. The industrial theme carries throughout, with a touch of nature from the greenery. Who doesn’t love coffee and plants and the exposed brick just puts it over the top. I loved the vibes.

Cafe Mell-Mell register and bar

The seating area on the first floor is huge and spills over to the outdoor patio (one of many). Inside, there are large tables for groups or smaller ones for just a few. You can see the autographed table front and center.

Cafe Mell-Mell first floor seating
First floor indoor outdoor seating

Outside the space is a little smaller but nicely shaded with umbrellas over small tables and lounge chairs. It’s a great spot for dates or a family coffee outing.

Mell-Mell outdoor patio seating
First floor outdoor patio seating

The absolute best part of the first floor, though, I saved for last. This little area is to your right as you walk in the door.

Photo spot instagram worthy cafe in Korea
Photo station

Talk about Instagram-worthy! The lit mirror, the greenery, the rocks, you feel like you’re in your own little forest space. It’s a super popular spot to snap a picture. I will admit, it’s right out in the open on the first floor so if you’re shy, bring a friend to go with you. Don’t worry, the locals all get pictures there too πŸ˜‰

I also couldn’t go without mentioning this bar top table along the right wall. With the greenery overhead, this would be my seat of choice (if I didn’t walk around the whole time taking pictures) πŸ™ƒ

Cafe in Korea seating
Bar top table on first floor

Floor 1.5

To the left of the register are the stairs to get to the upper floors. I don’t normally hype a stairwell but literally every detail of this place is worth the hype.

Cafe Mell Mell stair landing
Stairwell landing to second floor

I’m calling this level a half floor. It’s about half the space of a full floor and consists mainly of a balcony that overlooks the first floor.

At the top of the stairs to the left is a side private room that reminds me of a conference room almost. It’s more secluded but has a big table for a large group that wants a bit more privacy. In the main space of the “floor” is tables with a booth along the back.

To the front of the “floor” is bar seating along the balcony. This is the space right above the register and bar; it overlooks the first floor.

Second Floor

The true second floor spans the full length of the building but has multiple levels (2 and 2.5, if you will). Floor 2 contains tables spaced around an open square with a view down to the first floor. It opens onto a smaller outdoor balcony.

Floor 2 is connected to floor 2.5 through a large set of stairs that double as seats – similar to what you might find in an amphitheater.

You’ll notice the ropes at the top of the steps. Those function as a separator for another space back there. Instead of tables, there were plush bean bag like chairs and cushions to lounge on the floor. No picture because there was another couple in there and I have to draw the creep line somewhere πŸ˜…

Third Floor

Heading upstairs again, you’ll reach the third floor which is the rooftop patio! The patio is lined with three or four of these cabana like spaces around the perimeter. In the middle, lounge chairs and small tables are spread out.

Rooftop Patio

Even the patio has layers! Another set of large stairs connects the lower patio to the upper patio. They are covered by a large gazebo type structure that is super pretty.

Rooftop patio stair seating

The upper patio has the same features as the lower – a few cabanas and small tables with chairs. The view from up here is really stunning and on a nice day I’d love to catch some rays while I sip my coffee 😎

View of Korea from Cafe Mell Mell

I’ll be honest, the menu for Mell Mell is a little tricky. The whole cafe menu is in Korean. The only menu I saw was printed on the board hanging over the register. Unfortunately, our translator apps couldn’t read it from that far away so my menu knowledge is limited.

However, the baristas were nice and spoke English. We were able to order some of the standard drinks that most cafes in Korea have. I got an iced americano and hubby got an iced latte.

Iced americano and iced latte

I normally like to try something a little more adventurous but I wasn’t disappointed at all with my americano. It was smooth and full of flavor. The iced latte was not too sweet but very tasty.

Mell Mell serves Terarosa coffee, a specialty roaster and cafe in Korea. They also have tea, fruit-ades, and smoothies. In the evenings, they serve beer for the late night crowd.


What I can tell you about is the food! The pastries were next level. Each one was giant and looked homemade.

pastry display at cafe mell mell in Korea
Pastry display

Scones, croissants, breads, they all looked amazing. For something a little sweeter, they also had cakes and some sandwiches.

dessert display at cafe mell mell in Korea
Dessert display

I was so excited to visit this Netflix famous cafe in Korea and it was well worth the wait. The inside is gorgeous and shocking at just how big it is. Now that we’re heading into summer, Cafe Mell Mell should definitely be on your list.

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