Le Pain in Pyeongtaek serves French influences with a Korean flair. Their menu features coffee, brunch, lunch, and pastries fresh baked daily.

Le Pain Pyeongtaek exterior building
Le Pain | Pyeongtaek, South Korea


68-29 Anjeong-ri, Pyeongtaek, South Korea

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Black sugar latte

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They start baking at 5am daily so pastries are always fresh and handmade.

About Le Pain

I was so excited to finally try Le Pain Cafe Bakery here in Pyeongtaek! It sits just across the street from an apartment complex that is popular with the Camp Humphreys community.

Le Pain opened in early 2019 to bring a little taste of France to South Korea. They are active in the Anjeong community and offer both catering and delivery in addition to in-cafe dining.


Le Pain is a small but super cute space. The front of the building is floor to ceiling windows so the natural light makes it feel open and spacious. When you first enter, the pastry bar is front and center.

Le Pain entry to pastry bar
Le Pain entry into the pastry bar

If that’s not inviting, I don’t know what is. The register is just beyond, at the back of the cafe. I love the marble front and natural wood counter 😍

Le Pain register counter and bar
Le Pain Cafe Bakery register and bar

The right wall is lined with a few small tables for two people and the left extends out to a larger seating area.

You’ll notice the left side has a large community table for bigger groups, as well as a couple small tables for one or two people. Now that we can finally return to cafes again (!!!), I sat back here to people watch work.

The community table is decorated with bright greenery and looks out onto the outdoor patio and street.

Le Pain community table
Le Pain community table

It’s starting to warm up enough to sit outside so I can’t wait to grab a table on the patio. This was a super cozy place to sip some coffee and work for a few hours.

Le Pain Pyeongtaek outdoor patio seating
Le Pain Cafe Bakery outdoor seating

The menu at Le Pain is simple but delicious. If you’re looking for plain black coffee, this isn’t your place. They only offer classic espresso beverages – cappuccino, americano, latte, etc. They are limited on flavors but do offer soy milk.

On my first visit, I got the black sugar latte because it piqued my interest. I’ll admit I took some sips before taking the picture, so don’t think they short change you.

Black Sugar Latte

I half expected it to be black like a charcoal latte, but it was not. The flavor was rich and similar to a brown sugar flavor. Not overpoweringly sweet but very good.

On my next visit, I stuck to a simple cappuccino with cinnamon powder. Put cinnamon on anything and I’m hooked.

Cappuccino from Le Pain

I was surprised by their extensive non-caffeinated offerings as well – hot chocolate, fruit-ades, and quite a few tea blends to choose from. You can also add boboa to any drink, including iced lattes.

The menu is in English and Korean and the baristas were excellent, so don’t let a language barrier stop you from visiting.


The food at Le Pain is the bomb.com. As I mentioned earlier, they start baking at 5am daily. All breads and pastries are handmade and super fresh. The pastry bar alone is enough to make you drool.

Le Pain Cafe Bakery pastry bar

Most are individually packaged, perfect for grab-and-go. On my first visit, it took me so long to decide but I finally settled on a guava cream cheese pastry.

Le Pain guava cream cheese pastry
Guava cream cheese pastry

The outside was soft and flaky and the inside was creamy and fruity. I ate mine cold but wish I would have warmed it a bit. TBH, I was expecting a brighter pop of pink from the filling but the flavors were on point so I can’t complain.

In addition to pastries, they have a full brunch/lunch menu. There’s breakfast sandwiches, quiches, waffles, sandwiches, and my favorite soup in bread bowls!

Le Pain, Pyeongtaek

Not that I’m wishing for more winter, but I wouldn’t mind another chilly day to go enjoy one of these.

Le Pain has one of the most welcoming environments that I’ve found so far here in Pyeongtaek. If you’re near Camp Humphreys, come check this place out.

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